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Tïtulo, descripción, cuál es el propósito de un proyecto así?

Publicado por aricafoix hace 16 días

No one is forced to have observations as part of this project, so it's unlikely to cause wide offense.

Since it's a member-only project, I think anyone who joins is self-identifying as either a gold looter, or a donkey masturbater. Which is a choice, I guess. It's likely meant to be an inside joke. People make projects for lots of reasons, and name them silly things.

Publicado por kitty12 hace 16 días

@kitty12 I'm only commenting because I don't know if you know spanish or are attempting to translate via software different than what I'm using, if you know this better than me you can just tell me I'm wrong.
Google is telling me this actually says "Flora, fauna and funga observed by gold looters and Masturbaburro Indians", which I thought might be a reference to the conflict between miners and indigenous peoples in the Amazon area. Masturbaburro doesn't translate so I had thought it was a tribe name, but if it is an insult and is applied to "indians" this could be offensive

Again, I only did this with google translate, and could be totally wrong

Publicado por insectobserver123 hace 15 días

I read Spanish pretty well. But I rely on google translate as well, especially for colloquial Spanish. You are correct, it does translate that way on Google translate. I don't think it's a reference to any actual conflict, current or historical, though. I think it's just meant to be crude.

Publicado por kitty12 hace 15 días

Just a question, to understand how iNat works with names.
What would be the course of action if I create a project, just for fun, of course, as maybe only me and a friend would be the members, and the name were "Motherfucking Life, as seen by some fuckers"

As I'm writing this, I keep wondering "mmm, someone may flag my comment just because of these two words, maybe I should use "M*F and f*ckrs"... Well, some pages are like that.

In any case, maybe if I understand this using an example in English, I can let other random projects alone.

Publicado por aricafoix hace 15 días

@aricafoix The site guidelines on inappropriate content are mostly about the message sent not the words used, an example given in the curator guide is that "wow that's cool as shit" is allowed, while "you piece of shit" is not, because the latter is an insult, one of the suspendable offenses. Your comment uses profanity in a context of talking about profanity, and is not directing profanity at someone so I think your comment here is fine

That said, I have seen gratuitous but not insulting use of the F word removed, an if I came across the fictional project you describe I would probably flag it because it would look like an attempt to troll via gratuitous use of profanity, but I'm not sure exactly how the guidelines apply to offensive project names, nor physically how to take action if a project name is a problem, so I would just flag and not attempt to do anything else

Publicado por insectobserver123 hace 15 días

Yes, @insectobserver123 is correct, in that profanity is allowed, as long as it is not targeting another user. Of course, it's okay to flag this, and even to escalate it to if you disagree, but I don't see that curators can really do anything to the names of projects, like hide them. I think that deliberately hatefully named projects might well be removed or the users suspended, but I don't think this is the case here.

Publicado por kitty12 hace 14 días

Thanks to both of you for explaining and your comments about this, I'll keep this on mind for future stuff I find and how to deal with it!

Publicado por aricafoix hace 14 días

You're welcome! One more thing I should clarify is that curators may not be able to remove projects, but can suspend users who make offensive projects, if a project has flagrant hate speech, threats, or cyberbullying, there is no need for curators to wait for staff to suspend those responsible

Publicado por insectobserver123 hace 14 días

@insectobserver123 @aricafoix On the same token though, I find profanity to be offensive, regardless of how the word is directed. This was one of the things I kept bringing up to staff when they were deciding on the dealings with profanity. There is absolutely no reason to use it. Call me old-fashioned, but if you have to use profanity to get your point across, then you need to open up a thesaurus sometime. Not to mention, anyone over 13 can join iNaturalist, so there's another reason why to negate any profanity, there are minors on this platform. And I know what people are going to say, it's a just word, but to me any severely inappropriate word or vulgarity is just as offensive to me as any removable comment mentioned in the curator guidelines.

Publicado por birdwhisperer hace 14 días

I suspect that an awful lot of the profanity on here comes from minors. And frustrated curators.

Publicado por kitty12 hace 13 días

The language used is chilean colonial, and @aricafoix could help us understand it. From my point of view, the term 'masturbaburros' is offensive as it is used as an insult referring to 'son of b****' or 'zoophilic person', and when combined with the word 'indio', it becomes an insult towards a race or class. Aside from the inappropriate language, this project lacks a clear objective; it seems more geared towards trolling than contributing to any genuine purpose.

Publicado por montse_ar hace 13 días

@montse_ar that's my main concern with projects like this one, no purpose, no objetives, strange name with strong (and random) words...

Chilean Spanish 101 (this will be fun):
Here in Chile I've never heard 'masturbaburros', but I can give some context about the "weon culaiu" part.
'Weon' is one of the most common words in Chile, considered in some contexts as a bad word, conjugated with everything and commonly used to refer to a person, like "dude", but also as "stupid" in an insult.
'Culiao' (corrected) is also common, but as an insult. It's origin or 'etymogy' from the verb translated as "to fuck", so it would be "fucked (person)", it's used to refer sometimes as North Americans would use "a motherfucker".

Both are used commonly in Chile, in an informal context I'd use the first, as probably 99% of chileans use it, but the second never. Also, by no means I'd use them in a citizen science platform and specially as a title to something.

Publicado por aricafoix hace 13 días

I think it's not appropriate for iNaturalist. A non-insult curse word or two on an observation or profile is one thing. Project titles can appear on lots of observations, in searches, etc. I'm going to message the user and give them 24 hours to remove the project or it will be removed and they'll be suspended. I'll write in Spanish and English.

Publicado por tiwane hace 13 días

I'm curious what the reason for suspending if they don't remove it in 24 hours is? It seems like this just punishes people who don't log in every day?

To be clear I agree that this is should be removed and may be suspendable

Publicado por insectobserver123 hace 13 días

It seems like this just punishes people who don't log in every day?

They were sent an email with the message's content (that's default behavior for all messages, and it's a preference they haven't changed), so it's not related to whether someone logs in or not.

Publicado por tiwane hace 13 días

I just hope that people aren't permanently banned becasue they didn't check their computer or have internet for one day

Publicado por insectobserver123 hace 13 días

Suspension does not equal ban. They can always write in and appeal.

Publicado por tiwane hace 13 días

Sounds good to me

Publicado por insectobserver123 hace 13 días

The user apologized, said his friend from Chile was the one who wrote the text, and the text and title have now been changed. I'm going to resolve the flag.

Publicado por tiwane hace 12 días

Gracias @tiwane por la intervención y a @aricafoix por levantar el tema y tu gran trabajo como curador nacional.

Publicado por lartundo hace 12 días

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