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31 de octubre de 2021

BioBlitz at Indian Creek Ranch - May 6-8, 2022

Starting this journal post to engage in discussions to organize a BioBlitz at Indian Creek Ranch ( and copying some of the information from the previous journal post as well as adding new content.

Indian Creek Ranch (a 10,000 acre unexplored (except a little bit by me) area). It is privately owned, so not open to the public, located about 1/2 an hour SW of Rocksprings, TX. Lat/long is: 29.84797, -100.33126. I have found many poorly documented species here, starting with the infamous Anemone edwardsiana. Others include: Carlowrightia linearifolia (which is way out of documented range) and Muhlenbergia spiciformis (for which it seems I've submitted the first and only oberservation in iNat; go figure). The terrain is varied from steep ravines to large patches of grassland.

I have checked with the landowners and there are open to having a group explore the ranch and document what they found. Edwards County in general is overlooked. Observations would not need to be obscured. The landowners are actually interested in what is at the ranch, which is why a place and project (see above for link) has been created for the ranch. Those who come would need to sign a liability waiver (

For accommodations, the ranch has an 18 acre landing strip (if someone has a plane, yes, you can fly in) where there is a hangar and plenty of room to park a car or pitch a tent. There is electricity at the hangar and a small fridge. There is also a portable toilet including a small sink. There are some motels, a B&B and places with power to park a travel trailer in Rocksprings. I will also be asking the landowners if anyone is interesting in hosting.

The project page only shows about 660 documented species. This accurately shows what plants and insects I have found, although it took the October Pollinator BioBlitz to get me interested in the latter. For, birds, my list of species has been created as a journal post ( and includes rare gems such as montezuma quail, golden-cheeked warbler, and black-capped vireo.

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