12 de octubre de 2023

Observation field for Myrmecophiles

So for my own good, I've just made this "Myrmecophile" observation field. (first time trying such)
I've made it to annotate the host species for Myrmecophiles, when they are seen in context. So for instance, this chafer having some good time inside a Tetramorium nest, I'm using the observation field.

But for the same species, this observation shows no clue for it being a guest beetle therefore I did not

I'm mainly thinking of using it for nest creatures as there already are fields such as "Tending ants" for observations of Lycaenids of Homopterans interacting with ants outside of nests.
I first thought of making the field for "Social parasites", but that kind of blurrs out the mites, myrmecophiles and should maybe include parasitic ants. But still, not exactly sure for endoparasites like those Phorids and such

Eh whatever

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10 de junio de 2023

500 ants!

realized I've reached 500 species of ants uploaded

doesn't really mean much considering how Pheidoles and Crematogasters never get IDed but

I needed an excuse to use this Journal thingy :ㅇ

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