Experience the show...

Taste, sounds, textures, color, smells, and layers. Each trip outside adds to our lives. Layer upon layer our experiences grow. More and more is found when we walk take the time to really look. More and more is heard when we are still and listen. There are layers in a field of tickseed or even in a red pine plantation. Differences and color are fun to see and add depth to an experience. Our eyes enjoy flowers with color and patterns, butterflies and birds add movement and song. A banquet for our senses, different each day,

What colors are seen in the morning light of a forest clearing. Take in a deep breathe. What do you hear when you sit quietly and wait. Do you hear the wind, a squirrel, the rustle of leaves, or sometimes yourself as it is so hard to stay quiet. Stillness seems an illusion. Silence is rarely heard. So much is going on outside each moment. Find the beauty and joy in each piece and then enjoy putting together the puzzle. Try to be empty and bring nothing except your senses, go outside and enjoy the show.

Publicado por friendofnature2 friendofnature2, 11 de junio de 2021


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