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30 de septiembre de 2021

Nature Walk from Pine Tree Preserve to Lower Campus 9/29/21

For my nature walk, I started at Pine Tree Preserve and finished at Lower Campus. I walked around for about an hour and a half with (much needed) breaks in-between. It was slightly warm from the sun but it gradually got chillier (luckily I brought a jacket). On the pathway to Pine Tree Preserve there were far more cultivated flowers and plants than I anticipated. Despite this initial shock, I persevered and was able to observe wild organisms interacting with the cultivated flora. Such as: butterflies, fungi, bees, and caterpillars. Unfortunately, the bees sneakily escaped before I could capture a picture but they were still cool to see. The final observation that concluded my nature walk was of a cute looking squirrel. Overall, I enjoyed the walk as it was extremely relaxing and pretty. I would highly recommend the Pine Tree Preserve for anyone looking to take a break from academics!

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