9 de febrero de 2022

Fun times with COVID

A week ago today I woke up feeling a little under the weather. I assumed it was a small cold coming on so didn't worry too much. In the following two days, it felt like exactly that. Very low fever the next day and a dry cough. No biggie.
I had two rapid COVID tests so I took one as a precaution and it came up negative. ALL GOOD!

that was a Wednesday it all started. By the weekend I started to feel better. the fever passed, energy coming back. I was excited to see a cold come and go so quickly. The cough though persisted. But hey, cold dry air will do that right?

Come Monday, for lunch, I had a meatball sub delivered from a local deli. I was starving and could not wait to chow down! As I'm eating the sub and watching Price is Right reruns, I notice something odd. I CAN'T TASTE MY FOOD! uh oh!!

At first, I wanted to believe it was a stuffy nose, but then it dawned on me I can't smell a thing either and had ZERO taste. I take the second rapid test and bam, 100% positive. Hooray, I have Covid!

So far so good though, I'm one week in from when it started and my cough is still persistent but not worse. My sense of taste and smell is still non-existent which is the oddest thing ever.

The only scary part is I am somewhat short of breath, I feel like I ran a marathon and just finished and can't quite get enough oxygen. but that comes and goes so not too big of a concern.

Now we wait and wait some more.

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