Week 4- Toms River, NJ

On February 3rd, 2023, at 6:35 pm, I visited Toms River, New Jersey. On this day, in NJ, the weather was 9 degrees fahrenheit with a cloudy sky and winds about 10 mph. This picture was taken in a residential area containing houses but there is a large area of grass and a large tree in the middle of the grass. On the side of the house, I observed an Angle-winged Katydids, also known as, Genus Microcentrum. The katydids have bodies that resemble grasshoppers, but their antennae are longer and more threadlike. The length is between two and two and a half inches. This species is green and resembles a leaf in appearance to mimic leaves.

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Esperanzas de Alas Angulares (Género Microcentrum)




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