User defined Fields or observation fields

To view observation fields with your Observado ID, you might want to bookmark a link like this:
and then edit that number at the very end of the URL to your Observado ID in question.

It's my understanding that a redesign of the observations search page is on the to-do list for the website developers, and I do hope they include observation fields/annotations in the filters. For now you can navigate to an observation to find the appropriate URL (e.g. see attached, where you would click "Observations with this field and value") to find the link above.

iNaturalist doesn't have any "standardized" observation fields for host species. "Host" is the most used one, though "Host plant" is also commonly used. Here are all the observation fields with "host" in the name. The only standardized observation fields (aka "Annotations") are Sex, Life Stage, and Flowering Phenology. Read more about annotations here.


Annotations fields

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