19 de junio de 2021

Riverdale Nature Walk

Today I went for a walk with my sister again, this time in the afternoon. It had rained in the morning so when we went out it was a bit cloudy, but eventually, it cleared up and got quite warm (about 25 C). We decided to go through Riverdale Park and towards Riverdale Farm. We ended up walking through Toronto Necropolis as well. Since it had just rained, I was expecting to see more worms out on the ground since that's what I've observed before, but surprisingly we did not see any. We did, however, see quite a few caterpillars that appeared to be of the same kind. I have heard that recently that Toronto and Ontario have had an overwhelming amount of gypsy moths infesting trees this year so it's likely that those are what we saw. Otherwise, in terms of animals, it was mostly common city-dwelling animals like squirrels and pigeons. We walked along a path through the park towards the farm and along the fence were a lot of leafy green plants with the occasional flower. The cemetery was a very pretty walk but it was more landscaped. Maybe if we had gone into the Don Valley again we would have seen more, but it was nice to change up the route!

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11 de junio de 2021

Don Valley Nature Walk

This morning I walked around the Don Valley here in Toronto with my sister. It was a beautiful day, clear sky and about 68 degrees F (20C). Usually I would go for a run or a bike ride in the valley so I wouldn't really get the chance to look around at the different species and biodiversity down there so it was really interesting. We went out with the goal of finding fungi in mind so it was exciting to be able to find a bunch of them. I wasn't expecting to find many since I'd never seen them before in the valley. We had to go a bit deeper and off the main path to find the big fungi and clusters of little fungi but they were relatively easy to spot. They were mostly in the crevices and on the bases of trees. The smaller mushrooms grew in little clusters and the bigger ones in groups of about two to four or five. Most of the trees were covered in some type of moss and lichen. Since we went out in the morning the paths were quite empty, only a few bikers and runners out. We also saw some ducks and some frogs near the Don River. It was really nice to take time to observe the nature that I would usually just run by!

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