Steven W. Cardiff

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I'm interested in natural history in general, but I've always been focused on birds. My earliest childhood memories are of birding and collecting birds with my father, Eugene A. Cardiff, who was Curator of Birds at the San Bernardino County Museum in Redlands, CA. I grew up in CA and have traveled widely in the W USA, NW Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Bolivia. In 1979 I moved to Louisiana to pursue a Master's degree in Zoology at LSU in Baton Rouge. I ended up staying in Louisiana and in 1984 was hired as Collections Manager for Birds and Mammals at the LSU Museum of Natural Science. In 1988 I was elected as a member of the Louisiana Bird Records Committee, and I have served as LBRC Chair since 1997. I'm a life member of the Louisiana Ornithological Society and served as President from 2016-2019. For years I have volunteered as an eBird reviewer for Louisiana and I became the primary LA reviewer in spring 2019 and subsequently assembled a team of eight other LA reviewers. I have also been the primary eBird reviewer for Jeff Davis County, TX since 2018 as well as an associate reviewer for Brewster, Pecos, Presidio, and Reeves counties. My interests in birds are wide-ranging, but I'm particularly interested in Myiarchus flycatcher identification (I co-authored the BNA accounts for Brown-crested and Ash-throated flycatchers), Gulf of Mexico pelagic birds, gull ID, and hummingbird ID and molt.

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