Aleš Buček Curador

Unido: 20.ago.2017 Última actividad: 30.nov.2021 iNaturalist

I'm an evolutionary biologist fascinated by insects (with focus on Blattodea, Lepidoptera, Staphylinidae, and Hymenoptera). I mostly study genetic information of these organisms and for the taxonomic part I'm lucky to have great colleagues and expert. My realistic aim at iNaturalist is to contribute to identification of insects (particularly termites) but I will do it cautiously and prefer higher taxonomic ranks when unsure.

TODO: make a guide for citizen science observers of termite - how to make the best observation to enable identification

See my research:

As stated in the license, my photos are not available for commercial purposes. In case you want to use my photographs for any such purposes, do not hesitate to contact me and inquire the conditions of sharing (the photos I present on iNat are downscaled, quality-compressed, and are typically the more descriptive versions from a photo series).

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