Bonnie Slaton

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Bird nerd and marine biologist. I am a native of Claiborne Parish in North Louisiana. Alumni of LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources class of 2013.
After graduating, I began working as a Marine Fisheries Biologist for the Louisiana Dept. Of Wildlife and Fisheries and am in the field most days in the Barataria Basin, West side of the Mississippi River, Grand Isle, and Port Fourchon. I study and monitor the populations of recreational and commercially important species: eastern oysters,Atlantic blue crabs, sport fish: inshore (Spotted Seatrout, Red Drum) and in the Gulf of Mexico ( Yellowfin Tuna, Red Snapper), shrimp, Gulf Menhaden, and many many more.

My true passion is bird ecology and I spend my free time photographing and observing mainly coastal birds. Outside of work, I conduct breeding bird surveys and beach bird counts on barrier islands in LA. Bird migration and threatened and endangered birds are of special interest to me.
I am an avid Scuba diver,and when I'm not observing animals on land, I am underwater spotting new corals, fish, and marine life to ID!

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