Clarence Holmes

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Photographer (including wildlife and nature), citizen naturalist, amateur entomologist.

Although my primary goal is to capture images of nature (my main focus is images of insects), I sometimes enjoy shedding the camera gear and going “on safari” in my backyard and the surrounding woods with just my eyes, ears, and a pair of close-focusing binoculars in search of something new just outside the back door.

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In 2020, I was honored to have one of my observations of a Long-tailed Giant Ichneumonid Wasp (Megarhyssa macrurus) selected as observation of the day for June 11, 2020, and again as observation of the week (week of June 21, 2020), which is covered in this blog post: A Trip to Texas Provides a Long Sought Photographic Opportunity - Observation of the Week, 6/21/20.

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Although my most current nature oriented photos usually are on iNaturalist first, a broader selection of my photos and videos can be seen at the following sites:

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