Greg Hanisek

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I have a broad array of interests, centering on but hardly limited to birds. I'm an eBird reviewer for CT; secretary of the Avian Records Committee of CT; and editor of the Connecticut Warbler, quarterly journal of the CT Ornithological Society. I'm a member of the CT Butterfly Association and Connecticut Botanical Club. I'm a former member of the New Jersey Bird Records Committee and founder of the Scotts Mountain Hawk Watch in Warren County, N.J. I've done dragonfly surveys for the Mass. DEC and Northern Metalmark conservation work with Dr. David Wagner of UConn. As a result I have a lot of lists, but my favorite is my NC fish list, compiled during a decade of family vacations on the beach at Buxton, NC. I've pursued these interest largely as an amateur. I'm a retired journalist, who has written newspaper nature columns for more than 40 years (currently freelance for the Republican-American in Waterbury, CT). I enjoy imparting knowledge to others by leading bird walks and teaching an adult ed birding class, but I can be competitive too. While in NJ in was captain of the Bausch & Lomb team in the World Series of Birding, winning 3 times and tying for first once.

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