Scott Wright

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Interest in nature from a scientific perspective and from an artistic viewpoint. Born in Florida, then to Louisiana - and finally out "West" and the Rocky Mountains, the Wasatch, and the Cascades, and Oregon and Washington (Olympia, and lower Puget Sound). Educational: Wildlife Science; Forestry. Career: Retired - Emeritus Faculty - University of Utah; Interests: Birds of Prey (Cooper's Hawk; Red-tailed Hawk; Red-Shouldered Hawk {'hawksthree"}); Osprey; Ducks and Geese (e.g, Pintail; Green-Winged Teal; Blue-Winged Teal; Cinnamon Teal; Snow Goose); large mammals in western U.S. (Mule Deer; Wolf; Coyote; Bison) - and biodiversity and habitat dynamics.

profile photo: at Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington.

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