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I got started birding a couple years ago, when I tried to identify a bird I had never seen, but heard for years. I didn't know about recordings then, but discovered that the bird was a sedge wren. I also discovered the world of birding! I have been interested in nature my whole life. My first basic bird knowledge came from showing domestic poultry. Discovering the world of birding opened up a whole new world for me, and now I am fascinated by everything in nature.
I am especially interested in birds, butterflies, moths, and native plants, and I am interested in the effects of how humans and nature coexist. I am always excited to discover a new species!

I am also an amateur photographer. Follow my instagram for my pictures @ sparklephotography.19
If you are a nature lover in my local area of northeast Wisconsin, join my nature club on facebook, East Central Wisconsin Family Nature Club.

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