Jean Acheson

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Nature is my drug. I love getting out in Nature with my dog, Dante, and see what there is to see, whether at a local dog park and neighborhood, the Jordan River Parkway, Wasatch or Uinta Mountain trails, or trails anywhere I travel. As a mostly self-taught Naturalist, I volunteer with Cottonwood Canyons Foundation (CCF) where I lead Wildflower Tours in the Summer to learn more about the Wasatch Front’s beautiful flowers, lead Student tours around Silver Lake in the Fall and Snowshoe Tours at Spruces Campground in the Winter. Through these last two activities , I have learned about the local history, both natural and human. Do check out the CCF website, For their many activities and volunteer opportunities.

Another great place I frequent is the Natural History Museum of Utah. Great place to learn. I volunteer here as well for special events and dinosaurs. Currently, I can be found as a Gallery Interpreter for their Nature All Around Us Exhibition on most Monday mornings. Do come by to visit me! This special exhibit was specially created by the Museum to celebrate their 50th Anniversary and to encourage all of us to get outside and observe Nature even if just in our backyards because it is all around us, not just up in the mountains or a two-hour+ drive away. Check it out, and the rest of the Museum, at

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