Jim Natale

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Amature botanist from Eastern Connecticut and Rhode Island
Documenting habitats and diversity in the area before it is lost to development, invasive encroachment and habitat degradation.

I do not have time to post. Message me if you want to post things for me and I'll compensate.

For identification, I provide key features of the plant as well as form along with habitat. Which are identifiable and valuable for keying to species.

On days that I survey, I typically survey everything I see during that hike. At some point-ussualy over a few miles from my starting point I may start the process again and survey everything again.
This not only helps the algorithm but also I hope to map specific habitats by the plants that make them up. While habitats are a transient actively changing entity I feel this information will be invaluable to future researchers. My photos aren't perfect, but the information I provide should bring it to at least genus, especially for common plants.

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