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Thank you to everyone who is engaging with me on this website, both in terms of reviewing and IDing my observations as well as taking part in discussions and IDs of other people's observations. This is fun and I am learning so much. I have really taken to the IDing part of iNatting, it's the most fun. I mostly focus on Salix, Potentilla, Oxytropis, and Artemisia, plus some of my fav graminoids.

(That said, just to be clear, dear relatives and friends of mine, please never delete my account. In the event of my death I would like all my Identifications, Comments, Observations, etc. to remain on the site!)

I work as a field botanist in western Canada doing rare plant surveys. Our company is called Eagle Cap Consulting Ltd (named after our original location near the Eagle Cap Wilderness in Oregon).

My current side projects just-for-fun include field studies in Alberta and British Columbia of:

Artemisia longifolila vs Artemisia herriotii in BC, and also vs Artemisia tilesii in AB - a complicated subject, see my Journal post:

Muhlenbergia andina -we found the first AB site in 2020, wondering if there are more to be found.

Piptatheropsis canadensis - a very lovely, elusive rare grass

Platanthera aquilonis s.l. (spurless morph), collection and range mapping for possible genetic study by UBC researchers

Potentilla pulcherrima - it's complicated! see my Journal post for ID definition and other details:

Selaginella: sorting out ID and ranges of S. rupestris vs S. densa/S. scoulorum/S. standleyi

Oxytropis campestris var. davisii - my gratitude to Dr. Stan Welsh for all his generous help on understanding this and other Oxytropis taxa

I would also like to express my gratitude to Daniel F. Brunton, Dr. Karl E. Holte, and of course to my husband Randy Krichbaum, for inspiration, motivation, and an enthusiastic approach to field botany :-)

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