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Citizen scientist, native habitat gardener, active volunteer for habitat restoration. Cheerleader for the pollinators. NE Tennessee. City Nature Challenge Organizer for NE Tennessee, volunteer at Jacob's Nature Park at Sinking Creek and grasslands restoration at Rocky Mount State Historic Site.

If you are reading this because I placed a comment on one of your monarch butterfly observations I'd like to explain...
Monarchs are a gateway to the larger world of pollinators. They are easy to identify and with time comes the experience you'll need to understand them. Male monarchs are territorial and you can see them chase off everything from hummingbirds and finches to other butterflies. I most often add the comment "Nice photo to clearly show this is a male (or female) monarch" on males because they are more often found striking the open wing pose.
Rearing monarchs can be fun and educational but we will never save the great monarch migration by hand rearing them. Plant and protect NATIVE milkweed folks! Plant and protect late season flowering native plants.

You'll see many of my monarch photos show the butterfly nectaring on tithonia. Oh, the Mighty Tithonia! While it is not native outside the very southern part of our southwestern states, it blooms super late, tolerates frosts and those seeds feed our winter bird population. So, yeah, I add it to my native habitat.

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