Milo, UK

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Hello 🖐🖐

Profile pic = monkey lady orchid hybrid
herpetology, insects, small
mammals / big cats, plants (orchids).
Avid birdwatcher

Aspiring conservationist / biologist in some form


Will post most stuff in Spring, Summer and Winter, but less in Autumn (apart from mushrooms).

Recommended sites in Surrey = Thursley / Bookham common for reptiles, Thursley common (again), Tices Meadow and Spynes mere for birds. Bookham and painshill for insects, and Surrey Hills (namely Box Hill / Leith Hill) for plants (moreover orchids).

Black lives matter! Support LGBTQIA naturalists here

😁 DMs always open, happy to be tagged for UK orchids (I am learning) UK reptiles / amphibians / birds and any questions anyone has, ask!!
Awesome rainforest live camera

Stay safe

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