Hercules Hdz.

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I am Hercules: a 17 year old naturalist from west Texas. I am currently going onto my senior year of high school and hope to study Entomology and Phylogeny—with an interest in Myriapodology—in college.

I volunteer with TPWD when I can, but you can usually just find me out in the public foothills and vacant lots looking for cool bugs and snakes. I have some basic knowledge and understanding of the Texas-endemic fauna, with a focus on Reptilia.

I am also an invertebrate hobbyist and enjoy keeping and examining specimens on my free time. I mainly focus on American Scolopendromorpha—mostly the larger eyed-clades—and some Arachnida, particularly Theraphosidae in the genus Aphonopelma (Pocock, 1901). My friends have also quite recently caught my interest with the larger, more vibrant Coleoptera and Orthoptera, although I am barely able to call myself a novice with them.

I try my best to help out with identifications, but I’m still learning and will always appreciate criticism and/or input! :-)

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