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Jack of all trades master of none. I am interested in any form of being that is battling the entropy of the universe. Preference for birds, plants, anything with a metallic or iridescent sheen, becoming more and more interested in arthropods.

Feel free to use my pictures for any reasonable learning related purpose.

Note\disclaimer for my IDs of ichneumonids and sawflies: I have been identifying a lot of these lately, moreso ichneumonids. I am not a trained expert (have taken some college and university undergrad entomology related courses), I'm just an interested amateur (got a lot more interested the last couple of years) learning what I can from iNaturalist and Bugguide and other sources on the internet I can scrape up. I'm still fairly rookie, so feel free to disagree or correct my IDs as needed. Hoping to volunteer at ROM insect collection in future to get some more up close hands on experience if time permits and things return to a more normal existence.

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