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I am a North Texas Master Naturalist (F18), avid hiker and road tripper, a SEABEE veteran, and mom of 2 aspiring master naturalist.

I am studying at UNT, working towards my BS in Geography, minor in Geology, certifications in GIS, Sustainability, and Water Resources. I plan to later pursue a GISP and LEED certification.

I have a love of water. My favorite things are fluvial geomorphology, karst systems, and weather. I hope to follow one of these paths in graduate school, if I get there. The majority of my road trips include a mix of science and history, and always involve a hike that ends with a swim. 😍

I currently intern in Environmental Services for a local municipality. I have also interned in geosciences with USGS and regularly volunteer at LLELA, the Coppell Biodiversity Center, and Texas Discovery Gardens. I frequently attend the Dallas Paleontology Society Meetings. I bring my mini mes along when I can.

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Air Quality Team
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