Jeff Skrentny

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I began birding on January 1, 2006, after reading the "The Big Year" by Mark Obmascik. My first species seen as a birder was a Bald Eagle. I have been a birder and lister ever since. My mild birding proficiency turned into opportunities to join my kids' 3rd - 5th grade Mighty Acorn program field trips at LaBagh Woods, my local FPCC birding patch here in Chicago. Next thing I know, I am working to be a self taught naturalist, and have spent the last four+ years as lead volunteer and restorationist at LaBagh Woods, a 160 acre oak savanna floodplain forest along the North Branch of the Chicago River on Chicago's near NW side. As you may have guessed by my iNat observations total, I try to make at least one iNat observation every day, and I now list more than just birds. I have a long term goal of trying to observe 10,000 species here on iNat. Yes, a big goal. For 2020, I prepared a presentation "Can iNaturalist Save the World? A Rookie Naturalist’s Love Affair with iNat" which I was planning to share in the greater Chicagoland area this year with various birding and nature groups... but... you know how that story goes in 2020.

It is my intention that all my observations on iNaturalist remain here into perpetuity after my death, as my modest contribution and legacy to our amazing natural world.

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