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The profile photo is the home straight - it's a hard life seeing these kind of views daily and being surrounded by all this beauty but someone has to live it! LOL It is also part of the inspiration for the ending lines of a waiata I wrote a couple of years ago which sums up everything - a free interpretation is in brackets :D

He moana (The Oceans)
He whenua (And the Land - and all that is within)
Ataahua! (Are absolutely beautiful!)

For whanau, here are quick links for areas I have photographed - save you going through 1000's of my stuff :)

Oneroa a Tohe including the bluff
Whangakea Track including Radar Bush
Kapo wairua
North Cape

Click on Lists above to find the amazing things I have found as well as the manu, aitanga a Papeke, sea creatues, rare and endangered plants of home (I am still looking for all of those) as well as shells (gastropods and bivalues).

An exciting Rediscovery of Spio Aequalis after Missing for Over 50 Years has been made at Otaipango after only been known from the Chathams, Banks Penninsula and Moeraki.

I was fortunate to find a Sea Swallow and this obs was chosen as the iNaturalist's Observation of the Day

Another one of my obs of a Gem Doris was chosen as the iNaturalist's Observation of the Day

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