George Valentic

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Enjoy observing wildlife and nature and sharing the experience with others to increase people's appreciation and respect for Nature. Have worked in the wildlife and public lands arena for the better part of 34 years for the USFS, BLM, universities, parks, and as a volunteer, mostly in the western states. Have been educating the public about wildlife and Nature (including tracking wildlife, plant ID, and wilderness survival) since 1986. In 1994, I graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a degree in Natural Resources, specializing in Wildlife Ecology.

Have worked on bear research projects, and have been a Grizzly Bear Specialist/FPO for the USFS and served as Bear Smart/Trash Enforcement in the Tahoe Basin.

Becoming Bear Smart involves learning that all human attractants are dangerous for bears, causing them to become habituated to humans, and progressing through the three stages of habituation... and in many US states, leads to their death.. all, the result of human behavior, while a bear is just being a bear. Education is the key.

For over three decades have spent much time interacting with and observing bears... and have lived with black bears of the back-country for months at a time on several occasions, building personal relationships lasting 8 - 15 years. Will be a bit limited as far as the number of Black Bear and Grizzly Bear observations (including sign) I'll share here... mainly from 3 or more years ago, and/or of bears from areas that are already well known among hunters (yet still limiting my exposure of many observations), or where bears are protected from hunting.

Nature is amazing and sharing it with others and learning from others increases appreciation for it.

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