Asher Perla

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Young birder from the foothills of the western Sierra Nevada. I started birding in January 2019, and put all of my bird sightings on eBird.

iNat is awesome!

I am mainly a birder, but I try to know as much as I can about other local organisms, and have begun slowly getting into Odonates, Trees, Wildflowers, and Butterflies.

If I observe something that should be identifiable but isn't due to photo quality, angle, or cropping, please let me know and i will try to improve next time!

My iNat heat map:

My observations are made mostly on Nisenan, Konkow, Tsi Akim Maidu, Mechoopda, Yana, and River Patwin land.

Plus, some possibly undescribed/new to iNat species:

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