iNaturalist dictionary

AI = artificial intelligence
CV= in the iNat context.
Birding = looking for birds
Botanizing = looking for plants
CID = Community Identification (the >2/3rd majority taxa in common with all IDs made)
CV = Computer Vision , the image recognition system used for automated ID suggestions on iNat
DQA = Data Quality Assessment (found at bottom of an Obs page)
Herping = looking for amphibians and reptiles. ie ‘herpetology’
ID = Identify (verb), Identification (noun)
Ident-o-tron = checklist-based ID aid accessed through the Compare button on an ID (example 4)
iNat = iNaturalist in all it’s glorious forms!
iNatter = a participant in iNaturalist
ML = machine learning,
CV = in the iNat context.
Obs = Observation
OP = Original Poster, the person that started the topic/thread
RG = Research Grade
Sally Searching = looking for salamanders
TL;DR = Too long, didn’t read (as a response) or Too long, don’t read (highlighting a summary)
Unknownithologist = Someone who actively identifies “Unknown” observations (those with 0 IDs)
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary (meaning ‘it could be different for you’) “
BP, MT, please split” meaning “blurry photo, multiple taxa, please split these photos into multiple observations,”
CID: Community ID
TTID: Time To ID
TTCID: Time To Community ID

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