Two more virtual CNC:NYC events tomorrow!

We're in the Identification Phase of CNC now and we have two more virtual events for you to attend, both on Wednesday May 5th!

Wednesday, May 5 - 12p - Diversity Digest: Highlights from City Nature Challenge Join Hudson River Park's @shayes-hrpk for a review of all the awesome observations that were made there during CNC. Register here.

Wednesday, May 5 - 5p-7p - CNC:NYC Virtual ID Party No experience necessary! Join us to help increase our species numbers before results get pulled next Monday. We'll do a quick overview of how to make IDs and then hang out together while we work on IDs over Zoom. Register here.

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I'm unable to find any Zoom link for this. I received nothing but links back to EventBrite when I registered. There are no Zoom links on the EventBrite page, even when I click "Access this event".

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