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Great job, SF Bay Area! What an incredible four days of documenting our local biodiversity - hopefully you got to spend a little time outside, saw something that amazed you, or maybe even joined in an event - and feel slightly more connected to nature and our community because of it.

While the time for making observations is done, the City Nature Challenge is still not over! We now have until 9am on Monday, May 10 to do two things:

  1. Get all the photos you made April 30 - May 3 turned into observations and uploaded; and
  2. Work to get as many observations as we can down to species (or as close as we can get)!

In the same way that anyone can be an observer, anyone can help identify observations. In the SF Bay CNC project, click “Observations” and you’ll see an “Identify” button pop up just below it. Clicking this will take you to the iNaturalist Identify page and show you all of our observations that still need to be identified. From this page, you can restrict what it shows you by taxon, which helps if you know how to ID certain groups. You can also use the "Filters" dropdown to pick a specific place in the Bay Area to make IDs, like a particular county or even a particular park you might know well.

If you’re not an expert in any group, you can still help by identifying the “unknowns” - the observations with no IDs at all! Click the “Filters” button and then select the dashed-line leaf with a question mark in it:

This will show you all the observations that are currently listed as “unknown.” It’s really helpful to go through these and add high-level IDs like “plants” or “insects” or “birds” or “fungi” - whatever you know about the organism - so people who do know how to ID these groups down to species can find them! Here’s a short video about using the Identify page.

No matter what, please only add an ID of which you can be reasonably sure - it’s fine if you don’t know what something is, and it’s fine to only add a genus or family or even kingdom level ID.

To get you started, here are some groups of observations that still need IDs:
All the "unknown" observations that still need IDs
All the birds that still need IDs
All the reptiles & amphibians that still need IDs
All the mammals that still need IDs
All the insects & arachnids that still need IDs
All the fungi & lichens that still need IDs

Happy identifying! Results will be announced in the afternoon on Monday, May 10 - we'll be sure to add a journal update for them!

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Thanks for all the work you are doing. I just wanted to comment that when you look at the statistics, and see that the top individual numbers for species (only one person over 300 so far) are impressive, but in comparison to the overall species total of 2785 - well, here's the breakdown: the species total for @barry_thomson (the leader in the clubhouse with 352 species) is 12.6% of the total species seen. For me, what this represents is the strength of intensive, collective efforts such as this. As the CNC continues to grow and expand globally, our roots in the Bay Area as one of the first two competitor/participants, still leads the way with this sort of critical mass of observers and results.

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