Upload and ID Observations

Hello Inland Empire Users,

We have now completed the observation period of the City Nature Challenge (April 30 - May 3) and have entered the upload and identification period, which will last until May 9. That means you have a few more days to upload any observations taken over the weekend and you can help improve data quality of observations by suggesting taxon IDs. Let's try and get as many observations to "ResearchGrade" as possible!

If you are an experienced user, please help out those who are new and may have just joined iNaturalist for the City Nature Challenge. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to modify searches to find observations from new accounts and from iOS/Android: https://www.inaturalist.org/blog/23794-tips-and-tricks-for-welcoming-helping-new-users.

By connecting with and helping support our new members, you'll encourage ongoing participation and make a stronger foundation to build on next year. Thanks for all your help!

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