Identify & finish uploading this weekend, celebrate with us on Monday!


Have you ever helped add identifications for other people's observations? Can you aim to do as many identifications as the number of observations you made during CNC?

Huge thanks to all of the identifiers so far, but especially @tca12345 @tlit46 @mmmmbugs @nanjemoycreek @tminatbe @billhubick @klsnature @lucareptile @catimoses @jraiford @davidenrique @tammy38 and @esummerbell who have added over 400 IDs for others. You can see the leaderboard here.

We worked hard and had fun at our ID party on Wednesday night! Here is the recording of the session: CNC 2021 Virtual ID Party If you haven’t discovered the Suggestions function on desktop iNat, it’s worth a look. Start at 2:10 to get past the intro straight to the demo.

Here is a short tutorial: How to use iNat’s Identify page

This link will take you straight to the CNC-DC 2021 observations that still need ID.


Remember that you have through the weekend to upload photos and sound files taken during the observation period, and to do IDs. The final tally is taken at 9 am on Monday morning!

Adding photos or sounds on the web uploader (short tutorial)

Amazing work by some super-observers who have uploaded more than 500 observations each so far! @izafarr @capitalnaturalist @casadoray @jmgconsult @lucareptile @stella20009 @tomarata @ashley_bradford @birderkellyk @jacobogre @ronwertz @cmuzyk. You can see the top 500 people on leaderboard here.

Special recognition for these people brand new to iNaturalist who added more than 40 observations: @alex_benson1 @leofetterolf @aqualily @jsky @klnordai @normann @dwilliams_su


Our fun CNC Celebration is Monday evening May 10th, 7pm! Register here. Now accepting nominations for fun award categories! Please submit your stories & favorite observations here. Due May 8th. Some will be featured at the celebration.

Please share your observation and favorite action shots here with caption details so we know how to credit the pics.

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Holy moly -- DC rocked the CNC this year!!! Way to go!!!

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Thanks for the recognition! And I still had more photos to go but ran out of time to upload, and then the cicadas arrived and stole all my time. Ahh well. Great effort, everyone! And now I have to choose between attending this or attending the NHSMD presentation on Saw-whet Owls tonight. Thanks for the invite!

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