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Publicado por jpage_cwf jpage_cwf, 10 de mayo de 2021



CNC should do more to promote Research Grade observations, possibly a second leaderboard for just RG obs. and species.. Quality over Quantity, as the current leaderboard approach only highlights (and thus promotes) quantity. In my city the top observer had only 28% of their observation reach Research Grade (121 of 484) while the second and third place finishers had 60% = 233 obs and 81% = 293 obs respectively). Similar for research grade species vs all species. I'm seeing far too many observations that may never be classified beyond Class or Genus and that leaves me to wonder how valuable such information is versus species-level observations. Obviously some of that will reflect on what is being observed (i.e. more difficult to identify insects, fungi vs flowering plants, birds and mammals) but also is a function of careful observation (multiple photos highlighting various features)

Publicado por jason_miller hace alrededor de 1 mes (Marca)

I agree with jason_miller comment - research grade is best way

Publicado por elmslie hace alrededor de 1 mes (Marca)

Agree, challenge I see is having one's observations being found by identifiers familiar with a particular species...

Publicado por ammlmt hace alrededor de 1 mes (Marca)

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