Oh, Buoy!

Hi everyone, we now have 100 people in our project!!! I want to thank all of you for helping us reach this milestone. It was great to talk to the people who came to the meeting last week, and it’d be great to hear from more of you as well! Feedback and questions are always welcome and appreciated. You all are helping us vicariously live our beach fantasies through your amazing observations, keep it up!

This week I want to highlight the buoy barnacle. The buoy barnacle (Dosima fascicularis) is a very special barnacle because it is the only one that creates its own float! The buoy barnacles can float alone or in clusters, and they sometimes attach to foreign objects. Buoy barnacles are filter feeders and eat mostly small crustaceans. Much like the other floating surface animals, they can be found washed ashore in various quantities.

Happy hunting!
Ari Puentes

Publicado por goseascience goseascience, 08 de octubre de 2021


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