CNC:NYC Day 3 - So many observers!

Looks like a lot of folks were taking advantage of the unusually beautiful CNC weather we're having. We now have the most observers ever for a CNC - 700 people have uploaded observations as of his writing!

Checking in with our competitions inside NYC: the Bronx is still well in the lead in the Battle of the Boroughs and that is due to an abundance of observations in Bronx Park, which is currently winning the Park-by-Park Competition.

Let's end strong tomorrow, NYC! We'll have one last meet up at 12pm. Stop by during your lunch hour and have a chat about what else we hope to find before the challenge ends! Register for Monday, May 3 - 12p.

If you have any questions, send an email to

Publicado por klodonnell klodonnell, 03 de mayo de 2021


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