CNC:NYC Day 4 - A strong finish! Get those observations loaded!

Way to go, NYC! We're currently at over 16K observations from 801 observers! Now we have the next week to get the species numbers up with the help of the iNaturalist community. Right now, we have our second highest species count of any CNC:NYC (see below).

If you have observations still on your phone or camera, don't forget to upload them! They have to be up by 9am on May 10 to count towards the global total.

And we'll be having a virtual gathering to work on IDs together! Wednesday, May 5 - 5p-7p - CNC:NYC Virtual ID Party No experience necessary! Join us to help increase our species numbers. We'll do a quick overview of how to make IDs and then ID together while on zoom. Register via Eventbrite here.

Publicado por klodonnell klodonnell, 04 de mayo de 2021


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