2021 City Nature Challenge Global and NYC RESULTS

The results are in for both global CNC and our CNC:NYC and we all did an AMAZING job! Globally, the 419 participating cities crossed the million observation threshold with 1,270,767 observations - a first for a City Nature Challenge. Working together, 52,777 people found over 45K species, including more than 2,100 rare or endangered species. This is the most observations, species, and observers for any CNC. You can check out a great infographic from the global organizers at California Academy of Sciences and Natural History Museum of LA County here, City Nature Challenge 2021 Results, and the full results post for global CNC here, City Nature Challenge: the results are in. There was even some NYC representation on the global stage: Daniel Atha (@danielatha) was the top observer globally with 5,092 observations! WOW!

2021 City Nature Challenge: New York City

There is no "winning" city for CNC this year because we were all working together toward the global totals, but that doesn't mean we can't talk about how great we did here in New York City! All the following figures were grabbed this morning when our data were pulled for the CNC global results at 9am EDT. Expect the numbers to change somewhat as the observations spend more time in the iNaturalist database and the community has more time to post IDs.

In NYC, we had 19,260 observations of 1,585 species made by 845 observers. What a great effort! This is the third highest observation count, second highest species count and the most observers we've ever had in our five NYC City Nature Challenges! To see how all five of our CNC:NYC years compare, visit the City Nature Challenge: NYC umbrella project.

More NYC stats:

  • 94% of our NYC observations are verifiable (meaning eligible for Research Grade status).
  • We had an average of 22.8 observations made per observer.
  • We added 248 new observers and 73 new species to the iNaturalist database for New York City - welcome to NYC!
We couldn't have done all of this without our excellent observers and identifiers. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the project! A special shoutout to our:
Top observers: @danielatha, @srall, @cmurph, @klodonnell, @irag, @glyptostrob0ides
Top species finders: @danielatha, @srall, @nycnatureobserver, @matthew_wills, @elharo, @aberkov
Top identifiers: @peakaytea, @xris, @srall, @igor_kuzmin, @sadawolk, @danielatha

Here are the leaderboards for the City Nature Challenge: New York City:

2021 Battle of the Boroughs

This year's CNC:NYC also saw the return of our Battle of the Boroughs! In previous years, Manhattan swept the battle with top numbers of observations, species, and observers, but this year, the outer boroughs came out swinging! Manhattan once again had the most observers, but the most observations were made in the Bronx and the most species were found in Brooklyn! Special thanks to folks who put in an extra effort as borough captains, @danielatha and @cmurphy95 in the Bronx and @xris in Brooklyn. Here are the rankings for the Battle of the Boroughs 2021:

Congrats to the top observer and species finder in each borough!
Bronx: @danielatha
Brooklyn: @elharo (observations) and @matthew_wills (species)
Manhattan: @aberkov
Queens: @klodonnell
Staten Island: @srall

Here are the top observed species in each borough:
Bronx: Lesser Celandine (Ficaria verna)
Brooklyn: Common Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)
Manhattan: Hostas (Hostas)
Queens: Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata)
Staten Island: Common Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)

For links to all the individual borough projects and their leaderboards, visit the City Nature Challenge 2021: NYC Battle of the Boroughs umbrella project.

More Highlights from CNC:NYC

Madison Square Park Conservancy organized a Park-by-Park competition during CNC:NYC and Bronx Park won! Visit the City Nature Challenge 2021: Park-by-Park Competition umbrella project to see which parks were involved and to get links to the individual project pages and leaderboards.

Top CNC:NYC observer, @danielatha, wrote up a post last week about his personal CNC experiences and you can read it here.

And thanks to everyone who responded to the last journal post or shared links at the Virtual ID Party, here are some observation highlights for NYC:

If you have more cool NYC highlights to share, please let us know in the comments!

Many thanks!

We would like to finish this post by thanking everyone who put in extra effort to make this year great. Thanks to our amazing Macaulay Honors College student volunteers who supported our virtual events: @anamariaoliynyk, @ziska_andrew, and @danielthomas (who has been a volunteer for the last four CNC:NYC!). And many thanks to our fantastic partner organizations who spread the word, organized events, joined our monthly check-ins, and got people to make lots of observations. We could not have done this without you! Thanks to: Madison Square Park Conservancy, Hudson River Parks Trust River Project, NYC Parks, NYBG, Greenbelt Conservancy, Genspace, Freshkills Park Alliance, Green-Wood Cemetery, WSP EcoProjects, Bronx River Alliance, LES Ecology Center, Randall's Island Park Alliance, Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, Alliance for Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Battery Park City Authority, Manhattan Land Trust, March for Science NYC, and Latino Outdoors.

We can't wait to see you all again for CNC:NYC 2022! Keep an eye out here for an announcement when the dates get set over the summer. Happy Observing!

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Love City Nature Challenge and can't wait for 2022! Maybe we break 20k observations!

Publicado por applejaxs hace alrededor de 1 mes (Marca)

Love to hear it! Thanks for making lots of observations and IDs!

We can absolutely break 20K; we've done it before in 2018 and 2019! Hopefully, in Spring 2022, we'll be able to have larger in-person events again and we can beat 25,815 observations (our 2019 record high for the CNC).

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