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31 de marzo de 2021

Land Acknowledgement for City Nature Challenge: NYC

The City Nature Challenge: New York City takes place in Lenapehoking, the ancestral, unceded lands of the Lenape people. Lenapehoking includes parts of what are now known as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. We want to acknowledge and pay respect to Lenape elders, past and present. This land has great significance to the Lenape people who were forced to leave it by European colonists, and we must recognize this fact as we explore the nature of what is now called New York City. The Lenape were the original stewards of this land and its many different habitats. There are only a few spaces left that resemble what this area was like before colonization and we encourage you to be respectful in these spaces and all places in the city. We ask that you be thoughtful when you are out on this land and realize that settler colonialism has deeply changed this landscape from what it once was. We hope that your nature observations in Lenapehoking inspire you to seek out more information about the Lenape people and culture. Here are some places to start:

The Lenape Center

"Home in Lenapehoking" - An interview of Joe Baker and Hadrien Coumans, co-founders of The Lenape Center, in Urban Omnibus.

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16 de marzo de 2021

City Nature Challenge FAQ and Other Helpful Info

Thanks to the global organizers at California Academy of Science and the Natural History Museum of LA County, there's a new Frequently Asked Questions document for 2021! You can access it here. Some highlights include:

  • how this year is focused on global collaboration
  • finding WILD organisms and marking captive/cultivated observations if you make any
  • participating in identifying
  • making good observations
  • lots of links to short videos to get even more help

To see a map and list of all the cities participating this year, click here,

For educational resources, check out this Education Toolkit.

UPDATE (3/24): There is now a iNaturalist Forum category here where you can also find answers to your questions.

Stay tuned here for info about NYC CNC events (virtual and in-person) and within NYC sub-competitions like our Battle of the Boroughs. If anyone is interested in making posts or being involved with the borough sub-projects, send me an email at

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