Revving up for CNC-DC 2021!

The DC area organizers have met several times and we are excited about City Nature Challenge 2021! In 2020, we made many adaptations on the fly to respond to the pandemic and we had a great time. Last year, we kept hoping things would ease up by late April, and that our many partners would be able to run dozens of events as we had in years past, but this year we know what we’re in for. Here’s our focus for 2021:

  • Encouraging individual observations or with members of your household or pod.
  • Virtual organizing, learning and community-building. For info about our monthly calls for event organizers, join this Google Group for announcements.
  • Safely distanced in-person events. If any of our partner organizations decide to host small, safely-distanced events that are open to the public, we will publish registration details on our regional website.
  • Fun Virtual ID parties during the identification period, May 4-9.

For more information, see our DC Area City Nature Challenge website. And keep checking here for tips on getting ready for CNC-DC 2021!

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