EcoQuestions with Dr. Tania Hernandez

Did you miss EcoQuestions with Dr. Tania Hernandez last night? Not to worry! The recording is up on our YouTube channel. Check it out and learn about cactus biodiversity, evolution and adaptation. 🌵See the recording.

Dr. Tania Hernandez
New World Succulents Cactus Scientist
The work in my lab is motivated by an interest to understand how and when the succulent syndrome appeared and how succulent lineages diversified. Besides being beautiful, succulent plants exhibit an interesting array of evolutionary modifications that occurred at all organismal levels (morphological, anatomical, physiological, genetic, etc.). We still do not fully understand the adaptive significance of those modifications in the context of the particular abiotic, or non-living, conditions under which different succulent lineages evolved around the globe.
Read more about Tania’s research here.

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