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11 de marzo de 2020

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to the Metro Phoenix EcoFlora project!

The intention of this project is to emphasize our relationships with plants and ecosystems by bringing attention to their connection in our everyday lives. Community understanding of biodiversity and urbanization, accessible science for everyone, and contribution to local conservation are the goals. United in our efforts and enthusiasm, we as citizen scientists can inspire and create a lasting appreciation for plants within the urbanized Metro Phoenix area, and the Sonoran Desert at large.

Workshops, field trips and EcoQuest challenges engage and educate, while newsletters and social media communicate and celebrate our findings. Let's build community and bond over the excitement and appreciation for nature while we learn about our desert city home.

Thanks for stopping by and happy discovering!

How To Get Started:

Step One
Download the iNaturalist app to your smart phone, or visit the iNaturalist website,

Step Two
Create an account using your email and an iNaturalist username and password.

Step Three
Join the Metro Phoenix EcoFlora project.
• In the app: Tap "More," then "Projects," and search for Metro Phoenix EcoFlora. Tap "Join."
• On the website: Search Metro Phoenix EcoFlora and click "Join" at the top right of the banner.

Step Four
Make observations and share what you've found on iNaturalist.
• Take photos of plants, animals and insects and upload them.
• Your observations are automatically included in the Metro Phoenix EcoFlora project

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