Join me in a month for "Apps and Snaps" in Oakland!

Good people of iNat (because "Followers" is just as strange as "people who are following me"):

In a month I'll be teaching a new course with the California Native Grasslands Association, centered around the use of technology for identifying, mapping, and monitoring grasses and grassland plants.

If you or someone you know wants to learn about photomonitoring, apps such as iNat and Calflora, taking good pictures of tricky subjects such as grasses, basic grass parts, and using technology to cheat at plant ID...then sign up! Spread the word!

The Trudeau Center is adjacent to Redwood Regional Park's serpentine prairie, where we'll spend some field time practicing what we've learned. It's going to be a great day!

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Please help spread the word! And consider joining me in July to help take your observations from "Poales" to "Research Grade" (plus tips on mapping, photomonitoring apps, and more)!

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Sounds like a great class, Andrea. I'll post it on my social media pages.

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Sorry I can't join in this time, but thanks for the invite! I've forwarded it on to other folks who might be interested. :)

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Thanks for the signal boost @wildmarin and @direbecca !

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