Upcoming Trips

Timeline of where I'll be going over the next year:

  • December 27-30 (2022): Camp La-No-Che scout camp function with my troop in Paisley (North/Central) Florida.

  • March (2023): Malawi!-- yes, my first time out of North America (unless Hawaii counts). It's for family business purposes, so I won't be going anywhere too remote and I won't be safari-ing, but I'm still super excited! I will also have some time to spare photographing birds outside windows in Kenya's Nairobi airport and Mozambique's Nampula airport.

  • April 20-29 (2023): Israel! I'm touring Israel with my church and am super super super excited! We will be going to Tel Aviv, Tiberias, Caesarea, Megiddo, Valley of Armageddon, Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, Capernaum, Caesarea Philippi, Gideon's Spring, Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, Masada, Qumran, and Garden Tomb!

  • May (2023): Annual Rainbow Springs (North/Central Florida) trip with friends from Senoia, GA

  • July 22-Aug 4 (2023): Trekking backpacking) in northern New Mexico near Cimarron at Philmont Scout Ranch. Will be my first time in NM and in any form of wilderness in the Southwest!

  • August (2023): Driving up to stay at Camp of the Woods in Speculator, NY with friends from Durham NC for a week. Then headed to Niagara Falls for a few days before returning home. First time in NY other than a random time I stopped at a Target near NYC.

  • I highly encourage recommendations if you have any!

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    Wow! Sounds great! I may be going to South Dakota, Missouri, Nebraska, and several South Carolina state parks. I always wanted to go to Israel.

    Publicado por wildlife13 hace alrededor de 1 año

    Enjoy! Israel is on the bucket list for me, I think we are wanting to head south in February. Probably down the west coast (which I have not been on for a very long time), then west to Texas and that area.

    Publicado por micah_g hace alrededor de 1 año

    I've never been to SD, MO, or NE so have fun if you go Luke!

    Publicado por gatorhawk hace alrededor de 1 año

    South... as in Florida?? Wherever you end up going, have fun!

    Publicado por gatorhawk hace alrededor de 1 año

    No, I was saying we would go down the west coast, then head east into the Texas area (in the same trip), not sure if we will go any further east from Texas. I would love to go to Florida or really any of the eastern states.

    Publicado por micah_g hace alrededor de 1 año

    Ohhh, you mistyped "west to Texas" so I thought you meant West + East Coast. The only places I've been to on the West Coast is Seattle, and Sequoia/Yosemite/Lake Tahoe California

    Publicado por gatorhawk hace alrededor de 1 año

    OH! lol.
    Yeah I did not word that the best, and it never helps to switch east and west.

    Publicado por micah_g hace alrededor de 1 año

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