ID References

Various references I've found that have helped me in the past. I'll add to this over time as I do more IDing research. I made this more for personal use to keep my bookmarks from getting cluttered.

BM-stinkbug vs native stinkbugs
WI Insect & Co. ID

Eastern Strigamia
Chilopoda of north-central US

WI Gartersnakes and Ribbonsnakes

Visual/Sound ID practice
Warbler ID
Birds of the World - Cornell | Most info not available w/out subscription
Macaulay Library - lots of bird pictures of varying quality; most not formally confirmed but still a great resource
Cordilleran & Pacific-slope overlap/hybrid zone (kinda moot but whatever lol)
North American yellow-bellied kingbirds (Couch's & Tropical share similar characters; distinguished by voice, habitat, and range)

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