Arunima Srivastava

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I was born and raised(one of nine children) in India and came to United States in 1997. In India, I grew up in a very beautiful place surrounded by forests and mountains. Love of nature & adventure was instilled very early on by my parents and just by being in that surrounding.
Now, I am a mother of 3 kids, residing in Apex, NC since 2013. I am multilingual & love nature and enjoy taking pictures of anything that catches my eye. I often visit nature parks or sites with my dog and take pictures. Enjoy going through off beaten paths to explore more. I am a National Geographic fan and wanted to belong that team since my childhood days. I am also a certified Yoga and meditation instructor and a self taught artist. I have a media background from India and had worked as a free lance reporter, an Assistant Director & Researcher for various newspaper and media/TV companies. I have a post graduate Diploma in Communication Media for Children and a Bachelors of Science degree with Geology as my principal subject along with Zoology and Chemistry.
I am thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to share my love for the nature by posting these humble pictures and hope folks all over the world can see and enjoy it. Thanks, Arunima

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