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I am a Mexican Herpetologist who specialises in endangered snakes and frogs. I lead a team of field biologists on expeditions documenting and describing biodiversity in Mexico's diverse habitats, especially the fragmented tropical forests.

Our primary focus is on accurately cataloging Mexican biodiversity in order to establish consistent and effective conservation methods.

Species discovered and described by our team include the following:

Crotalus campbelli (Bryson et al. 2014)
Crotalus tlaloci (Bryson et al. 2014)
Eleutherodactylus grunwaldi (Reyes-Velasco et al. 2015)
Eleutherodactylus wixarika (Reyes-Velasco et al. 2015)
Ophryacus smaragdinus (Grünwald et al. 2015)
Eleutherodactylus colimotl (Grünwald et al. 2018)
Eleutherodactylus erendirae (Grünwald et al. 2018)
Eleutherodactylus floresvillelai (Grünwald et al. 2018)
Eleutherodactylus jaliscoensis (Grünwald et al. 2018)
Eleutherodactylus manantlanensis (Grünwald et al. 2018)
Eleutherodactylus nietoi (Grünwald et al. 2018)
Sarcohyla toyota (Grünwald et al. 2019)
Kinosternon cora (Loc-Barragán et al. 2020)
Eleutherodactylus maculabialis (Grünwald et al. 2021)
Eleutherodactylus sentinelus (Grünwald et al. 2021)
Tropidodipsas papavericola (Grünwald et al. 2021)
Tropidodipsas tricolor (Grünwald et al. 2021)
Geophis cansecoi (Grünwald et al. 2021)
Eleutherodactylus potosiensis (Hernández-Austria et al. 2022)
Lepidophyma jasonjonesi (Grünwald et al. 2023)
Eleutherodactylus franzi (Grünwald et al. 2023)
Thamnophis ahumadai (Grünwald et al. 2024)

Species rediscovered in the wild by our team after being considered "lost" for years are as follows:

Crotalus lannomi (Reyes-Velasco et al. 2010)
Thamnophis rossmani (Luja & Grünwald, 2015)
Charadrahyla trux (Grünwald et al. 2016)
Tropidodipsas zweifeli (Grünwald et al. 2016)
Bolitoglossa hermosa (Ahumada-Carrillo et al. 2020)

Species our team has redescribed or re-elevated from taxonomic obscurity:

Ophryacus sphenophrys (Grünwald et al. 2015)

Country Records:

Porthidium ophryomegas (Grünwald et al. 2016)

New species not described by our team but where we participated in collection of type series:

Sceloporus aurantius (Grummer & Bryson 2014)
Rhadinaea nuchalis (García-Vázquez et al. 2018)
Lepidophyma lusca (Arenas-Moreno et al. 2021)

Please feel free to follow our research and discoveries at or on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube as herpmx.

I automatically authorize any non-commercial use of my photographs and observations for research or educational purposes. If using my photos, please credit me as the photographer.

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