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Rhingia Nasica, of the species nasica is known as the American snout fly. It is a eukaryotic species and an insect, part of the winged insects' subcategory, and can be found under "flower flies and syrphid flies" as it is part of the syrphidae family, class of Insecta, and phylum Arthropoda.
There are no common adaptations observable in all the species in my group due to the nature of each species. Since my group chose colorful living organisms, flowers and insects were observed. However, they correspond to two different kingdoms which are Plantae and Animalia respectively, and have no common adaptations.
Rhingia Nasica is a snout fly with a long snout that extends out of its face. This type of fly has evolved with a long snout and two long wings compared to four wings generally found in flies.

Publicado por ameliejacobs ameliejacobs, 15 de septiembre de 2021