Useful iNaturalist Search Tips

Search Parameters

Excluding Taxa
At the end of the search URL, add "&without_taxon_id=" + the id of the taxon to be excluded. I'm not sure if there's an easier way, but for now how I find the taxon id is by going to the taxa info page and finding it in the url. If you want to exclude more than one taxa, separate each taxon id with a comma (and no spaces).

For example, if I want to search for orchids but not for Epipactis helleborine (50717) in the "Explore" function, I would start off with and end with

Native Taxa
At the end of the search URL, add "&native". This can filter out nonnative species in an area if you're only interested in the native organisms in a particular location.

Finding Your Own Comments

This link allows you to see all comments you've made, but it only searches for text in standalone comments, not comments you type into an identification, unfortunately.

Finding a Taxon for Curation

This link allows you to search for all taxa, both active and inactive, that you're interested in for curation. For example, allows you to search for all taxa with the term "Spiranthes cernua," including both the now-inactive S. cernua sensu lato, the awkward intermediate S. cernua ssp. ochroleuca, as well as the active S. cernua and S. cernua species complex. This search may be helpful if you need to resurrect a taxon and want to check if it already exists but is currently inactive.

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