I'm a relative newbie when it comes to iNaturalist. I started as a birder, but have gotten into moths. I have been making an effort to photograph moths since August 2006 and have amassed a large number of photos from my local area (Plainsboro, New Jersey), as well as occasional moth nights elsewhere (particularly in the New Jersey Pine Barrens). iNaturalist seems like a good place to display them (I'm also on Flickr).

In 2018, I am trying to post images of all moths I see this year, at least in my local area. Much of my "yard" mothing is done at existing building lights rather than a proper moth light setup. Sometimes moths perch well out of decent camera range, but I try to photograph them anyway, so some of my photos are not as good as closeups taken at a moth sheet.

I'm posting my photos here at iNat as a way of showing the local range of moth species and also as a way of getting feedback on my identifications. I've been doing this long enough that I've picked up some moth ID knowledge, but moths are a difficult group and I make plenty of mistakes. I appreciate being corrected as I am always trying to learn more about about moth ID (including what species and species complexes I should just not even try to identify!).

I also take photos of animals and plants other than moths, so those will show up here as well.

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Excellent! Keep it up, Jennifer! :)

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Thanks! :) And thanks for reading!

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